Selected Projects

Forensic Science flipped class videos, April 2013–present. Working with Dr. Jim Spencer on the design and development of flipped class content videos for CHE 113: Forensic Science.

Syracuse University First Term Enrollment Video Tutorials, May 2013. Developed video tutorials for First Term Enrollment.

CLS 105: College Learning Strategies flipped classroom videos, August 2012–May 2013. Worked with Dr. Marlene Blumin on the design and development of flipped classroom videos.

Presentation for SAGE: Formative Assessment System, January 2013. Design & development, presentation for Jerry Evensky for his SAGE system.

Strategic Learning Training, 2012. Worked with Dr. Marlene Blumin on the design and development of Strategic Learning Workshops.

Implementing the Flipped Classroom Model, 2012. Training for high school instructors on implementation of the flipped classroom model, and on using Camtasia to produce flipped classroom videos.

Professional Development for overseas SUPA course offerings, 2011–present. Design of protocols and production of online professional development seminars.

Remote classroom visit protocols, 2011–present. Design of protocols and management of remote classroom visits for faculty and SUPA course sections in Dubai and Vietnam.

Foreign Language Research Community, 2011–present. Worked with Dr. Connie Dickey (French) and Dennis Harrod (Spanish) on the design and development of course areas for Spanish and French within Moodle that allowed for high school instructors to share resources via a database.

ECN 600: Preparation for Teaching Regent Economics, 2010. Worked with Dr. Jerry Evensky on the design and development of website and Moodle course site.

College Learning Strategies Website:, 2008– present. Worked with Dr. Marlene Blumin on the design and development of website, including working with CLS 105 students to produce podcasts for site.

Course Website for SUPA course offering, 2006–present. Design, development and maintenance of course websites:

  • PAF 101: An Introduction to the Analysis of Public Policy (Dr. William Coplin).
  • SOC 101: Introduction to Sociology (Dr. Andrew London).

Interactive Economics for ECN 203: Economic Ideas and Issues, 2006–2008. Worked with Drs. Jerry Evensky and Don Dutkowski on the design and development of online product.

Online offerings courses for high school students, 2008–2009. ECN 203: Economic Ideas & Issues and GER 101: Introduction to German. Worked with instructors to develop online courses.

Increasing Students Success: Addressing Prerequisite Mathematics Assumptions in Introductory Non-mathematics Courses, funded by The Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education. (project #P116B60125), 1996–1999.

The following content areas were developed both as print-based and web-base materials:

  • Review of Fractions; Review of Decimals, Percents, Ratios, and Proportions; Review of Tables, Bar Graphs, and Circle Graphs; Review of Graphs: Visual Display of Information; Review of Graphs: Linear and Nonlinear Relationships; Review of Algebra

The Military Independent Study Program, Center for Instructional Development, 1990–1994. Instructional designer of curriculum and course materials for courses developed for Syracuse University independent study courses, The Military Independent Study Project:

  • Differential and Integral Calculus. February 1994; Environmental Geology. December 1993; Elementary Probability and Statistics. November 1993; Modern Formal Logic. January 1993; Elements of Modern Mathematics. November 1992; Elementary Concepts of Mathematics, November 1990, revised November 1993, revised 1997.

Introduction to Ricemail. September 1992, Center for Instructional Development, Author and Instructional Designer.

Human Ecology Gateway Course for the College of Human Development. August 1992, Center for Instructional Development, Instructional design and development.

An Introduction to Word Processing on the Macintosh Computer. August 1991, Copley Publishing, Author and instructional design.

Participation in Government, January 1991, Copley Publishing, Instructional Development.

Computer Assisted Instruction course: Renal Diet Therapy. May 1989, FACES at Syracuse University. Instructional design and programming.

Computer-based Structural Communications Package debriefing for Decision Point Debriefing. August 1988, Instructional design and development.