Associate Director Instructional Services, (June 2008–present), Project Advance, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.
Oversee evaluation and research and instructional design and development project at Project Advance. The instructional services team includes one fulltime digital media specialist, 2 graduate assistants, and graduate students in IDDE program and undergraduate students.

Adjunct Professor, (January 2003–present) Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation, Syracuse University School of Education, Syracuse, New York.
Taught the following courses. IDE 736: Motivation in Instructional Design (online course), IDE 600: Social Networking: The Collaborative Internet (co-taught with Dr. Gerald Edmonds), IDE 654: Integrating Technology into Teaching Integrating Technology into Teaching, CLS 200: Applied Strategic Learning (co-taught with Dr. Marlene Blumin), IDE 621: Principles of Instruction and Learning, and IDE 632: Instructional Design & Development II
Serve on doctoral student dissertation committees.

Instructional Technology Analyst, (January 2003–June 2008), Project Advance, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.
Led the design and development team in the online courses, multimedia and online course materials for face-to-face courses; Supervised team responsible for design and development of materials; directed the technology team at Project Advance, which included overseeing technology purchases and maintenance of current systems.

Graduate Assistant, (January 2001–June 2002), Project Advance, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.
Conducted research and evaluation activities, including the annual Postgraduate Survey.

Instructional Designer and Developer (October 1992–December 2000), Center for Support of Teaching and Learning (formerly Center for Instructional Development), Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.
Led the development team for the FIPSE project addressing mathematics prerequisites in non-mathematics courses. The team consisted of myself, two graduate assistants and one work-study student. Products included both print-based and web-based materials.

Design and development courses for associate degree program curriculum offered via distance education format through University College at Syracuse University, and part of a team that evaluated the development process of the program.

Design and development of website for the All University Student Learning Outcomes Assessment Committee.

Coordinate the production of materials used for first-term student registration, working with the registrars office, as well as work with several schools and colleges on producing their mail registration materials.

Instructional Development Graduate Intern (January 1991–October 1992), Center for Instructional Development, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.
Design and develop a variety of instructional materials, also review faculty instructional grants, and develop materials for mail registration.

Graduate Teaching Assistant (September 1989–December 1990), Syracuse University School of Education, Syracuse, New York.
IDE 631: Principles of Instructional Design
(August 1990–December 1990)
EDU 787–788: Fundamentals of Educational Research
(August 1989–May 1990)

Graduate Assistant at Faculty Assistance Center and Educational Services (January 1989–May 1989), Division of Academic Computer Services, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.
Develop computer assisted instruction course on Renal Diet Therapy for Nutrition department in the College of Human Development.

Graduate Assistant at Testing Services (October 1987–December 1988), Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York.
Supervise work study employees and analyze test and survey data.

Graduate Teaching Assistant for Department of Chemistry (September, 1983–December 1986), University of Colorado, Boulder CO.
Taught General Chemistry, Supervise undergraduate students performing laboratory experiments, conduct recitation sections, and grade tests and homework assignments.